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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Cold, Rainy Day in Belgium

By Christine "peanut" Vardaros

Just riding in thewoods on a cold, rainy day in Begium and what do i find....

part of the Belgian national team doing cyclo-cross circuits. I recognized some of the jersey names such as Scott, Fidea, Mapei-Quick STep, and Belgian Nat'l team kit.

So naturally i tag along, only to turn the corner and see none other than Rudy DeBie (Belgian National Team Coach.) He was handing the guys bottles while another guy stood there with spare wheels. Rudy recognized me and allowed me to join the workout. The trails had everything that the local races incorporate - mud bogs, fire roads, power climbs, berms, drop-offs, and short steep runups. Thanks to this ride, I now know the secret to racing well in
Belgium...the secret is to TRAIN in Belgium! hahaha.

The guys I rode with were mostly Beloften (U-23) and some juniors. I loved watching them float through the trails, not a word spoken. Periodically, they would look behind to see if the "american girl" was still in tow. I was definitely a spectacle to them - a never- seen-before occurence! I am sure they will talk about it for at least a week - until I join them again NEXT WEEK!!! I just can't wait. But first I must race in Lievin World Cup in France this sunday.

Thanks again for all your positive words of encouragement! I am surely soaking them all in!!!


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