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Monday, November 07, 2005

Boy Beater

By Robyn Jenson

The Velo Bella boy beater has been proven to take 20 years off your age!!!!! another amazing benefit to being a Bella. Several years ago it was shown that being a Bella gives you bigger boobs now the Boy Beater makes you look younger.

I had finished my run with my Bella Boy Beater on, looking sweaty and messy and went to Whole Foods to grocery shop and to get one of my clients a birthday beer. I get to the check out stand and the cute boy, in his late 20's, asks for my ID. I said, Excuse me??? He stated again that he needed to see my ID. I told him he made my day!!! He then told me that he needs to see the ID of any person under 30 so he won't lose his job!!!

I was jumping and down with glee and gladly gave him my ID, he must have thought I was nuts til he found out that I am really 50. But now I look 30 whenever I wear myBella Boy Beater, I didn't have to do Botox or anything!!!I wear my Bella Boy Beater every day now!!!!


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