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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tales From a Baby Blue Egg Beater

What a weekend, my heads’ still spinnin…
Talk about missed pictures, if I could have captured all the silly moments of the weekend, I’d have an album worth more than my life.

Here are a few captions:
Pit Passes
Dashboard Hula
Wells sandwiches
Standing on the corner of Broadway & Kearny
Sienna at the top of the stairs
Feeling giddy about a boy
The never ending Pit Passes
Hula cheers to Chris & the crash
Andy’s zig-zagging the entrance to the ‘run up’ during course set-up
Giving your house up as host housing and not being there to enjoy looking at the cute bike boys
Being at the bike races enjoying looking at the cute bike boys
The seashell bra that never got worn
Leis & pit passes
Pancakes and scrambled eggs
The women’s C field at Surf City
Safari Dave
You See I know (he wants to kiss the bellas)

Some explanations:

Okay, Pit passes, all I remember is waking up at 5 am on Saturday morning fully dressed in my Kona Party Outfit (which never made it’s debut) on Sabine’s couch covered in pit passes and leis and Sabine looking at me confused and saying I think that’s Miss Mary. Then me getting up with the worst headache and hallucinating about a never ending roll of laminated rectangles and having to cut all 200 of the buggers and Amy freaking out cuz I wouldn’t have them before reg opened. But then I realized that the UCI races don’t start for another 5 hours, so I pack ‘em up and head to the race. There is a picture of the roll, I just have to track it down. And I’m not over exaggerating-that sucker was HUGE and I just want to say thank you to my supper duper secret helper in getting those things cut Friday night instead of partying hardy with all the other kids.

Dashboard hula-think cute girl in a grass skirt and lei standing with her hands up and shaking her body-can you se me now?

Being at the bike races enjoying looking at the cute bike boys-no explanation needed here, I’m just repeating it again cuz it makes me think of all those cute bike boys.

Safeway Mike

Homemade pancakes and chicken scrambled eggs-as Jeni says “everyone needs to pack a Mary”

Color-Coordination. What can I say? I can’t not match. And I like blue.

Exes and Hexes. There were a few women out there this weekend looking absolutely fabulous and glowing in being single. T‘is the season to be a bella & single! You cute bike boys better watch out!

Ohhh cute bike boys

To Mayhem: I couldn’t be Mischief without you this weekend! And boy was I getting into it! You’ll always be my favorite kooky Mexican.

Seabright brewery-powering me through a tough Saturday with nothing in my stomach but some butterflies & beer.

I wish I could take photographs of my thoughts and memories, but for now, I’m pooped. It was a great weekend. It was a great team that worked it. Thank you to anyone and everyone who came out. There’s more to be said but I need to catch up on a week’s worth of no sleep. (and I want to go dream about the cute bike boys!)


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