Velo Bella-Kona Ride

Putting it into perspective

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


By Tina Whitfield

Ya know the REM song?

Well, this isn't a race report and I don't know if it even counts as a training report, but I got a good laugh at myself and thought y'all might enjoy the giggle too.

I was testing my headlamps out last night with my guy and a few friends getting ready for a 24 hour MTB race in a couple weeks. We were out at one of those fun swoopy trails (the ones you can take your kids on that makes them LOVE mountain biking) that can get wild at night.

I was leading the group and going pretty quick. Bugs flying into every forward facing orifice at high speeds, deer darting out of the night.

I hit a sweet hard right and to what should my wandering eye appear, but a bridge and not so sweet hard left.

I never turned.


I endo'ed in about 8 inches of sludge and slimy stagnant water.

Yum. My husband almost made me ride in the bed of the truck with my bike and slimy gear. I must have looked pitiful enough with ick streaming down my clothes and tear streaks on my face from laughing so hard, that he let me in the cab. With the windows down, of course.

I love this sport.